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Hult International Business School

This post is for readers who are planning to do MBA and are considering Hult International Business School for a one year MBA program. From last few days I am recieving queries from prospective students who want to know about Hult IBS and the program. This post addresses most of the queries.

I am a current student at Hult IBS and having spent last 8 months I have come across good as well as not so good things at the school. I am putting light on few key things which will help you in deciding your MBA plans, specifically about Hult.

MBA Education:
Course syllabus at Hult IBS gives emphasis on honing general management skill but few areas of the one year program also concentrate on management consulting in specific. The course content can be compared with any Ivey League school and is inline with the standards followed by the best MBA program world over. The course sequence is designed to give complete insight of tools, techniques and frame works used to manage businesses. It starts with toolbox, which makes the starting trouble easy for few and then the 4 modules follows. Module A & B are done in your home campus and the last two modules (C & D) can be completed at any campus you choose (Boston, Dubai, London, Shanghai). During the one year program, for some, the approach towards a real life problem improves a lot.

Class of 2009 has student from 7 continents, 34 countries, and age ranging from 25 years to 52 years, 7 years of avg. work experience. Diversity is one of the important assets which Hult has got. This sounds really very cool, but reality is not so cool. Being in multi-cultural environment is not so easy. You need to do many sacrifices, understand what is acceptable and what is not. Different people from different cultures share things with each other and learn together. Taking maximum advantage is dependent on how adaptable and open the person is to other cultures. If you come to Hult, make-up your mind to get a cultural shock for the initial few days.

Life at Hult:
This is not the best place to live, rather this is one of the worst, stressful, challenging place to live. When people from different walks of life come this is bound to happen. There is no specific time to sleep, no specific time to eat. Lots of reading is required before the class and lot of team projects to be done. At Hult IBS, more focus is given on team projects and when the project is going on your sleeping, eating and everything is dependent on the team. If you are someone who don’t like to work in team then for you Hult will be hell.
Apart from studies there are many things which happen. Sports, weekend outings, weekend parties, etc etc…… there is a dedicated people in administration who will take care of all recreations.
Networking Events and Executive Speaker Series – Industry experts from variety of fields come to campus and share their experience, knowledge with the students. You will learn in this process and will get an opportunity to built network in the industry. This is my most favourite event at Hult and fortunately Career Services team organise this every week and some time more than that.

Hult has got some of the best brains in the industry. I don’t want to say much on this. You can visit Hult website <>, they have detailed it better. I just want to say – Be assured you will never get disappointed on this front.

Jobs and Placement:
Hult is a business school and not a placement agency. It is there to make students capable to get into the right job and not to spoon feed. Professor and career services team will guide the students and will facilitate in finding the right job. No spoon feeding at this stage.


Amazing place to groom yourself, learn and grow. Not a very popular name if compared with Ivey League schools but a great place to know about different cultures and to learn that there is so much to learn. If you are doing MBA only for better job and more money than this is not the place. Join Hult only when you have zeal to learn and contribute to the development of your classmates because in MBA you learn from your Professors and you learn more from your classmates.

I tried to give a very unbiased picture of Hult which will help you in your decision making for MBA. If you have any further queries please leave your comment, I will try my best to give as much information as possible. Best of luck for your MBA admission.


Rahul said...

Hi, Its a very nice and informative blog you have made. I have accepted to join Sept'09 intake in Boston Campus.. I wish if you can also add in some comments on living in Boston and tips or points to keep in mind. Looking forward to hear from you. Would really appreciate if you can also drop me a mail at rahulmansha@gmail.come Thanks, Rahul Mansharamani

Varun Bokadia said...

Hi Folks,

I hope the blog is helping you in taking decision for your MBA.

I am happy to answer your queries through email, chat, comments on blog, skype and also on phone.

A humble request, if you call me please take care of time. I am happy to receive you call only between 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Dubai Time; GMT +4:00).

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards, Varun.

Varun Bokadia said...

@ Rahul: Boston Campus

Its always good to know things about a new place before landing there. However, if you have decided to go to Hult Boston then Student Services team from Hult IBS will give you enough info regarding this.

Don't worry I have heard from my Hult Boston friends that its a awesome place and the right geography to do MBA from. So chill out, there won't be any hassels.

Varun Bokadia.
Class of 2009, Hult IBS,

vikrama aditya said...

Is the teaching faculty is same as HULT MBA for HULT IBS London for Masters of International Business(not MBA).I know MBA is top ranked in HULT IBS.What about Masters of Intertnational business and also sept 2009 is the first batch for MIB in London.

Complicated said...

This was very informative. It would be great if you could inform me regarding the Masters in International Business course, at London campus. I have been accepted for September intake. Could you please give me a general market value for the course and university?

Varun Bokadia said...

Some information on MIB:

MIB is a miniature version on MBA at Hult IBS. Expect your classmates to be having below 3 years of post bachelor degree work experience. The diversity in terms of nationality will be maintained in the class.

My personal opinion about MIB – I suggest if you are the one with very high ambitions in life then work for good number of years, gain quality experience, learn as much as you can and then do MBA.
MIB as a degree is good, course structure is very competent and is among the best in MIB courses at few of the top notch schools.

The amount of networking and other learnings which happens outside class in MBA won’t be there in MIB. Expect it a little less than MBA.

Faculty - Not all the Profs will be same. MBA Profs are industry practitioner and bring a lot of practical applications to class. In MIB it won't happen till that extend.

Knowing all these things I suggest take your own decision. And mind it "What may be suitable for one may not be for other".... Do a good self analysis and then decide what is beneficial for your career and life.

If anything else, please let me know.

Best regards,
Varun Bokadia.

Vikram Aditya said...
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Varun Bokadia said...

@ Vikram Aditiya: Kindly get all the VISA and work permit related queries clarified from your recruiter.

This forum is for getting insights of Hult IBS from a students prespective and not to address any queries about certifications, VISA and work permit related things. I suggest, kindly visit all your queries will be answered.

Rgds, VB.

Tarun said...

Hi Varun ,
it is very nice and informative blog .it's helping a lot
Recently I have got an acceptance from hult buisness school for MBA ,I have been offered flexiblity to join any campus with varying scholarship ,maximum for dubai . I will be thankful to you if you please help me with the following information.
1.How is hult esp dubai in terms of job placement .I agree it depends on the candidate and his/her networking skills,but still it will be helpful if you can provide some insight about brand name of hult in dubai, career prospects for hult graduates in dubai,average salary for dubai hult mba graduates
2.Hult faculty and facilites in dubai campus

ravz said...

This is Ravi Teja from Hyderabad, India. My admission into HULT is now confirmed. So, out of curiosity i want to know how wud be the prospects after completing MBA.

Basically, i completed my engineering 4yrs bak n pursued my career as an entrepreneur in manufacturing sector thereafter. So, i would like to take the advise of the seniors on how would be my life after MBA @ HULT being an entrepreneur?

And how bright are the chances to get aid frm the skool?

Is there any Indian Association in this skool?

Hows the course n the department @ HULT?

Are there any placements @ this skool?

I hope all theseniors in this community shall understand my curiosity to know abt the above mentioned questions. Kindly post u'r opinions n help me in the way u can.

Varun Bokadia said...

@ Ravz: Firstly, congratulation for getting through the admission process. You asked a very interesting question that how will be the life after graduating from Hult?

In the current class there are couple of folks who had their own venture before joining Hult and majority of them did that for 12+ years, which by any standards is a good amount of time. During such a long phase you get to see almost all aspects of running a business. I cannot differentiate btw how different the journey becomes during MBA when some one is coming from entrepreneurship background or a typical corporate style work culture. It totally depends on what work and what learning one had in the complete career.

One of my classmate at Hult who has some 17+ years of entrepreneur experience said to me once “Few of the Profs here have changed my style of looking at a business, before this I was having lot of misconceptions and prejudices, but now if I go back to my business I will handle it in a completely different way”.

Hopefully the learning and unlearning experienced during the one year made him say so.

Now how would be your life after MBA – this is totally depended on you. What do you want to get from your life after MBA? There are people who are going to corporate world after entrepreneurship and also the other way round. I would suggest set your objective/goal right and work on it from now and during MBA.

And how bright are the chances to get aid frm the skool? ---- Minimal

Is there any Indian Association in this skool? ---– No, and if you join Hult, then please for god sake don’t create and regional associations!

Hows the course n the department @ HULT? ---– Very Good!!!

Are there any placements @ this skool? – Folks have got job offers, but not very impressive! Hopefully it becomes impressive before our graduation on 20th August 2009.


Ravee R said...

hi folks, it seems to be a great place to get so much info loaded about HULT. I too got an offer from HULT, hwever yet to give my final nod between London/ubai campuses.

Varun : it would be great if you could advice me on some of my queries :

1. the placement figure son d official HULT site mentions only about Boston campus, so far as Dubai is concerned its a new capmus n placement yet to happen, can u share any info on London placements.

2. what wld be the typical living expenses for an year in dubai.

3. any clue on the living expenses in London

it wold be great if u cld also drop me a mail @

thanx, Ravi

ROHIT said...

hi Varun, Hope everyhting is good at your end...i just wanted to gather some information for the MBA at HUlt Dubai as a i am a prospective student for is the cousre and what are the job opp available after the prog in dubai? if u cn plz rep dis asap as i need to sumbit my app for same..thanks alot for your gr8 help.

As also now ur batch is nearing the end of its term so what kind of opp are available though if not provided by insti dn by urself?
Plz if u cn rep the same?

Thanks alot

t.jain said...

Hi! Varun,
Could you pls. enlighten as to how do you compare a part-time MBA in hult to a full time. Are the students able to cope up with the studies during their job.

The Pedestrian said...

Dear Varun,

How many classmates at Hult IBS at Boston. I tried to search via internet but didn't find.

Varun Bokadia said...

@ The pedestrian: When I graduated from Dubai in August this year, roughly Boston had 150 guys. The same number is in 2010 batch.

The Pedestrian said...

Mr. Varun

I'm sorry for bothering you again.

150 students in boston start the school in the same time? I mean do they study together or Hult admits them in different periods of time and study seperately.

I am very concern about study environment. I would be good for me if I can meet and make friends with variety of people.

Thanks a lot

kritika said...

I have got admission offer from Hult london for BIB.HULT is popular for its MBA program.Is it also good for undergratuate program.Is placements and college atmosphere good and supporting

Nausheen said...

Ive got an Admit in the HULT MIB - Boston program for 2010..
How is the program?
The faculty in boston? stay? places to visit? nightlife?

Tarun said...

Hi Varun,

This is your batchmate...if you permit, i would like to share few things about "HULT Dubai" through your blog..

Abhi said...

I have done my B.E. from BITS Pilani India(ranked 4th in India among all engineering college).I always wanted to pursue MBA.Since I will be graduating in June 2010.I thought of waiting for some years and then apply for MBA with considerable work ex....but then I came across MIB program of HULT...I am applying for MIB in HULT...but still confused because this is not MBA and its relatively new
Also I am waiting for the final results of IIM B for which I was shortlisted.

Can anybody guide me whether to join IIM(Indian Institute of Management) or HULT...I know this is a tough Q but I would be grateful if anybody cud gimme some answers..

Ravee R said...

Hi Abhi/Others,
I am currently in HULT London-MBA, & wld be graduating in Aug 2010.

Few suggestions for u and others HULT aspirants.
1. course content in MIB is almost same as MBA barring few exceptions.
2. MBA content is a bit tightly packed and more hectic than MIB

however, d real difference is not in terms of content but, for 2 reasons
1. The MBA tag Vs MIB tag, and
2. MIB consists of relatively freshly graduates with little or no exp. so the overall class level mental aptitude and approach is very different as compared to mba batch.

if one can cope up, MBA wld be better (if u get thru).

On second thoughts, IIM Bangalore wld be a better bet than HULT. Trust this helps. u can pl mail me on or skype at ravikant_77 if u need any more info. good luck all in ur pursuits.

jukka said...

I have been accepted to the Hult MIB Program that is starting in September. They gave me a partial scholarship, but I have to pay the rest (38,000 pounds)
Please tell me if there is an institution that could finance the rest of the money.

Mustang said...

Hi All,

I've been conditionally accepted at the Dubai campus for the Sep 2010 intake... just wanted some tips on what the pedagogy is like, the scene with placements and the institute's disciplinary leaning - stronger in Marketing or IB or Mgmt consltg... or what

MBA ROADIE said...

Can you please share your email ID?
or you can send me a test email to- and we will take it from there..

MBA Roadie

Varun Bokadia said...

Dear MBA Roadie,

I urge you to post your queries regarding Hult IBS or any other MBA program in this thread. Your questions will also help other visitors and many others will also be benefited.

Wish you good luck for you career and MBA program.

Varun Bokadia.

--■┼■█▐ Åk§hä¥▐ █▐QΘmä†ö§Ë ƒäñ†ä§¥█▐┼■-- said...

Impressive that youre showing this kinda committment. :)

I Have been granted a partial scholarship of $6000 from Boston campus for Masters in digital marketing, a new course.

I do understand that HULT is no Harvard or MIT, but im not getting any incredible reviews about the placements.

I know its apples and oranges, but if you absolutely had to compare HULT boston to a college in India, which standard would you attribute to it?

4. Lower than these.

I know that my question does not make absolute sense and there are too many variables. But still if you could give me an approximate idea...

Also, if theres something you dont wanna publish online, you could email me on

saumya said...
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ADITYA said...

hi there..............just want to know that how many stdents from india opt for mib program.......??

ADITYA said...

is gmat required for mib ......??

Jen Rouse said...

How important is the "statement of purpose" when applying to HIB? What could a potential student do to make this essay stand out to the admissions officers?

Enzo said...

great! but why do you consider cultural shock as a disadvantage of the school? i think you'll get to know many new things from whatever-country student! and who said that studying will be easy? sleepless nights are ok if the diploma yield will cover the costs of that nights. :)
anyway many thanks for the post!

jimmyristrile said...

Hello Varun,

I could be a Hult student for the 2011-12 MIB program on SF campus. I want to know what does your thoughts are when you wrote the next statement: “If you are doing MBA only for better job and more money than this is not the place”. I assume everyone start a Master degree to learn more about a specific area and become a more competitive employer, therefore, a salary increase payment. Do you know the average Hult graduate student salary? Thanks for your respond and good luck in your further plans!

Best Regards,
Hector Castro

jimmyristrile said...

Hello Varun,

I could be a Hult student for the 2011-12 MIB program on SF campus. I want to know what does your thoughts are when you wrote the next statement: “If you are doing MBA only for better job and more money than this is not the place”. I assume everyone start a Master degree to learn more about a specific area and become a more competitive employer, therefore, a salary increase payment. Do you know the average Hult graduate student salary? Thanks for your respond and good luck in your further plans!

Best Regards,
Hector Castro

Nasir said...

Hi...Thanks for this information...I am applying to the MIB Program at Dubai campus I have 2 yrs of IT experience..What you mentioned about placements is that there is no spoon feeding...What I want to know is that are Maximum Students from HULT able to get the kind of job they wanted..Also within the city they are Graduating or according to there preference.....

Unknown said...

Could any one give me a review about the MBA at Hult in London? Did you find your own accommodation? Any suggestion? Thanks

shirish bhatnagar said...

Dear Varun,

I have been given conditional acceptance for master in finance program in HULT - boston, I want to know
1) placement prospects and average salaries offered to finance students.
2) countries where they are placed
3) accomodation facility